Best Smoothie Maker

Your Homemade Smoothie is the best!

Your homemade smoothie is the best because you choose and “know” the ingredients that go into it. Consuming nutritious food and drinks is a necessity to lead a healthy life. Since we are all so busy with our daily lives, our preference has turned to fast food. You already know this – fattening fast food is no good. You are not aware of the ingredients that go into those smoothies served at your favorite restaurant. It could be filled with artificial flavors, sugar and what not. That’s not healthy.

All you need to prepare your healthy smoothie is a good blender or smoothie maker, fruits and a choice of water or low-fat milk/yogurt as base. It’s that simple! Within minutes you can prepare and have your healthy, nutritious homemade smoothie filled with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Kick-start your day with a glass of smoothies – recommended by health experts and health authorities.  Start your day with a smoothie or fruit juice along with healthy home made bread and you will beaming with energy.

Before making your buying decision

While there are many good smoothie makers on the market, a couple of them really stand out. There are just a few key characteristics that you would want to look out for, before you make your buying decision. Things like safety, warranty period, size of the machine, noise-levels, mobility, ease of cleaning and customer service should be considered.

In terms of safety, look out for smoothie makers that disable the motor while the lid is off. Warranty periods offered vary, longer the better. Our reviews here will include information on large and personal-sized blenders – choose the one that best suits your needs. If you are looking for mobility, personal smoothie makers are easy to carry. Another important aspect to consider is the customer service – choose a company that stands behind its product and offers you solutions without delay.

A quick look at the Best Blender Smoothie Makers

Best_Smoothie_Maker_Vitamix2 peak HPHeavy Duty$$$
Best_Smoothie_Maker_Blendtec3 peak HPHeavy Duty$$$
Best_Smoothie_Maker_Waring3.5 peak HPHeavy Duty$$$

Vitamix 1365 CIA Professional SeriesBest_Smoothie_Maker_Vitamix

Vitamix 1365 is a top-notch blender. With its powerful motor and Variable Speed Control, this blender has the ability to process a variety of textures and ingredients that master chefs require. It truly is a great machine.

It can blend the toughest of ingredients with its 2-peak horsepower. Be it the berry or apple seeds, or ice, it pulverizes and makes it drinkable – the smoothies are always smooth.
Vitamix has joined with the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) to design this series to cater to the needs of the professional chefs across the world.

When we consider the checklist of safety, warranty, ease of cleaning, customer service – Vitamix is certainly on top. It comes with a 7-year warranty and there are multiple color options to choose from as well.
With Vitamix1365 you get a huge recipe book, and a small booklet on recipes and techniques, along with an hour long cooking class DVD. This is Vitamix showing appreciation for buying their product and also for you to try some cool new recipes!

If you already planned to buy Vitamix but weren’t sure which Vitamix to get, then CIA Professional Series is the one for you. It’s expensive, but almost all the customers who own it say it’s worth it. A regular home blender cannot compare!

Blendtec Designer Series BlenderBest_Smoothie_Maker_Blendtec

Simple, attention to details, durable and safe Blendtec Designer Series is a fantastic smoothie maker for sure. It comes with a 3-peak horsepower direct-drive motor and looks sleek. A great combination of beauty and functionality!

Self adjusting speed is a great feature on Blentec Design Series: it monitors and adjusts its power to deliver the speed based on the requirement.

From our checklist standpoint Blendtec Designer Series Blender is ETL certified, meaning it meets National Safety Standards. It comes with 7-year manufacturer warranty. Overall, great product on the market!

Blendtec’s signature blend cycle is a key feature that customers seem to love. It allows you to choose and get what you want, be it smoothies, ice-creams, soups or milkshakes.

Vitamix or Blendtec?

Just in case you are wondering Blendtec or Vitamix, both are great. Both come with 7-year warranty and both are manufactured in the US – rest assured great quality. You will not be disappointed choosing either!

Waring Commercial MX1200XTX XtremeBest_Smoothie_Maker_Waring

Waring Commercial is a classy machine. It comes with 3.5-peak horsepower motor and ultra-aggressive stainless steel blade delivers quick results and smoother consistencies. At just over $300, it definitely is a very good blender smoothie maker.

The paddle switches consist of Hi, Lo, off and Pulse – easy to find in dimly lit areas and easy to use as well. It’s a powerful machine that can pulverize frozen fruits well. It can get loud beyond the “5” setting on the dial based on the turbulence of contents at high speeds; otherwise mostly it is barely noticeable.

It’s a sturdy machine, well designed at a better price comparatively.

Reviews of Portable Smoothie Blenders

Tribest Personal BlenderBlender_Smoothie_Maker_tribest

A compact blender set Tribest Personal Blender PB-150 comes with 2 blend-n-serve cups and lids. It is extremely easy to operate and a capable machine to blend your ingredients including ice. There are 2 modes of operation – one-touch pulse and press & twist continuous modes. This allows for blending and grinding nuts, seeds and grains efficiently.

This is a portable machine for your busy schedule. It is easy to use and clean. It comes with a powerful little motor as well.

Hamilton Beach 51101BA Personal BlenderBlender_Smoothie_Maker_Hamilton

At $15 range Hamilton Beach 51101BA is designed for customers with small living spaces and portability needs. It comes with a simple one touch pulse operation. The blending jar fits in most car drink holders. It is just perfect to have a nutritious smoothie on the go. It can crush ice and frozen fruits.

It’s simple and easy to use – just 3 parts to it: lid, glass and base. It has a sleek design, good with functionality and great with price. Over 2,000 customers on Amazon have given 5 out of 5 ratings. Sturdy, efficient and portable!


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